The Original! Blizzard® Flavor Treats
Creamy smooth DQ® soft serve blended with your favorite candy, cookies, or fruit add up to one irresistible taste sensation.
Arctic Rush® Frozen Beverage
A semi-frozen fruit flavored non-carbonated beverage available in a variety of flavors.
Brownie Earthquake™
Our Brownie Earthquake™ is shaking things up with an Oreo® Brownie covered in DQ® soft serve, smothered in marshmallow topping, hot fudge, whipped topping and sprinkled with crushed Oreo® cookies!
® "Oreo" is used under license from Nabisco Brands Co.
DQ® Shakes & Malts
Creamy DQ soft serve blended together with milk available in with a variety of flavors.
DQ® Cones & Dipped Cones
A DQ® classic! Eat it plain or dipped in one of our crunchy cone coatings.
Buster Bar®
Experience layer after layer of chocolate fudge, peanuts and Dairy Queen® reduced fat ice cream dipped in luscious chocolate flavored coating.

DQ® Chillabration Cakes
Say it all with a DQ® Chillabration Cake for any occasion. DQ® soft serve layered with cold fudge and a cookie crunch.

For more details visit our Cake Section.

MooLatté® Frozen Blended Coffee
DQ® soft serve blended with Colombian coffee, ice and crowned with whipped topping.

Banana Split
Delicious DQ® soft serve covered in luscious strawberry, pineapple, and chocolate toppings, with whipped topping and nestled between a sweet banana.
Peanut Buster® Parfait
Loads of peanuts, mounds of creamy smooth DQ® soft serve, and tons of rich hot fudge layered high for one tempting treat.
DQ® Sundaes
For over 60 years DQ® has been known for it's great sundaes. Top one off with hot fudge, caramel or any of our delicious toppings.
Dilly® Bar
Experience the great combination of DQ® reduced fat ice cream dipped in a luscious chocolate flavored coating.
DQ® Sandwich
Bite into a DQ® Sandwich and taste the sensation of cool Dairy Queen® reduced fat ice cream nestled between two chocolate wafers.
Blizzard® Cakes
Fudge and chocolate crunch between layers of chocolate or vanilla soft serve and topped off with a Blizzard flavored treat.
®Registered Trademark of American Dairy Queen Corp., Dairy Queen Canada Inc.